Merchant Cash Advance Companies Can Save Your Business Updated for 2023

Updated: February 3, 2023

Can Save Your Business

People and small businesses need money now more than they’ve ever needed it before. With much of the world still in lockdown, hard won businesses are seeing their revenue streams dry up. No one wants to see everything they’ve worked for end due to completely unforeseen circumstances. Luckily, that’s where come in. They offer loans to small business owners, regardless of credit history or past problems. They also fund e-commerce businesses, so no one has to get left out. Anyone can get cash in their accounts in three days and that can make all of the difference. Here are some of the best cash advance companies out there that you can use to save your business.

New York Merchant Cash Advance

New York Merchant Cash Advance offers a wide array of different services that any business owner can take advantage of. They work with everyone regardless of their situation and they just want to help. They offer multiple financing options and make sure that you’re always getting the one that’s best for you. You can apply completely online and get your response in 24 hours so you know if your money is on the way so you can get back to running your business.

Premium Merchant Funding

Premium Merchant Funding has over 100 funding specialists that are ready to help get you the money you need. Applying is as easy as it gets with just one page to fill out and they’re offering up to $2,000,000 in unsecured funds that you can use however you need it. You can get your funding in as little as 48 hours with reasonable payback terms. They’re getting back to helping Main Street businesses and they want to have a major impact on your success.

Advance Funds Network

Advance Funds Network always makes sure that you’re in control of your cash advance. They do that by never saddling you with any obligation to continue. It doesn’t matter how far into the process you happen to be. If you want to walk away, then you always have that option and that really makes all the difference. It’s a human approach to loans that has kept them in business for the past 12 years and will keep them working for years to come.

Happy Rock Merchant Solutions

Happy Rock Merchant Solutions works to get you funds within five business day. They can do it because they’re direct lenders and they’re the only ones looking at your application. Simply give them your application and you’ll know that your information is as safe as it can possibly be. There are no fixed payments and never any hidden fees. They simply take a percentage of your sales so you don’t have to give them any money that you don’t have. Apply today and get an advance from $2,500 to $300,000.

In Advance Capital

In Advance Capital takes a different approach to lending. They take all of the risk themselves by operating as direct lenders. That means that they’re in charge of the money they loan you. It lets them approve you in as little as three hours so they get you your cash within a day. You just can’t find a cash advance solution that works as well or as quickly as they do.

CFG Merchant Solutions

CFG Merchant Solutions offers merchant loans to good people with bad credit. They have a very high approval rate with minimal documentation required. On top of that, they offer flexible repayment plans so you never have to make a payment that you can’t afford. They believe that a business owner should work with them and not for them. That’s why there are no lenders or middle men. It’s just them and you working to grow your business and making it the success that it deserves to be.

Wall Street Funding

Wall Street Funding puts their customers first and they always will. There are never any upfront costs when you apply for a loan and they never turn you away just because of bad credit. They’ve quickly become one of the largest business loan providers and that’s because they’re always willing to take a chance on someone who needs it. Apply today and your company could be eligible for a load up to $500,000.

Merchant Advisors

Merchant Advisors always makes sure that they’re a part of your success. Anyone can apply in just three steps to see which programs they qualify for. Best of all, they only get paid when you get paid. The repayment schedules are flexible so the money you get makes you money before you owe back a thing.

Cardinal Group

Cardinal Group has been offering their financial services for almost two decades and that’s because they know what you need. It’s made up of entrepreneurs that want to partner up with businesses to find success and it just works. They also fund their loans directly so you get your approval within hours rather than days. The communication is transparent and they make the process as easy as possible. They might just be the difference that makes your business a success.

never makes you have to worry about making payments. They’re an unsecured loan solution that will simply take a small percentage of your credit card receipts. They’re not as stringent as a traditional business loan and they only ask for half of the documentation to get your loan rolling quickly.

Iruka Capital Group

Iruka Capital lets you pay your loan back as quickly as you want. There are no penalties for early pre-payment. That means that you save as much money on interest as you want. You can get your approval in as little 24 hours and funding up to $500,000. They also keep all of your information confidential and never sell it to third parties. You can rest assured that everything you’ve built up will remain yours, even if you need some financial help.

Commercial Merchant Funding offers small business owners funding regardless of past credit problems. We fund all types of businesses including ecommerce. Most funding requests can be completed within three business days.


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