Bad credit business loan

Getting money for your small business is only one piece of the puzzle.  A bad credit business loan might be what you need.As many small business owners have discovered, finding a loan with bad credit can be just as important.

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Providing Unsecured Business Loans for people with Bad Credit

Running a business can be difficult and oftentimes you may face a feeling of hopelessness trying to figure out a way to get out of another financial problem on your way. 

Keeping your company afloat is the ultimate goal, hence you should never miss out on a possibility – there is always a way to get back on track, even when dealing with a bad credit.  

You may feel dazzled and confused on what steps to take to help your business and here is when a merchant cash advance loan can provide you financial support necessary. 

Many of you have hardly heard about merchant cash advance loan lending and it is a shame considering the fact this kind of lending comes out as a perfect type of financing, especially for smaller businesses with bad credits. 

Bad credit score can become a serious obstacle for getting a traditional loan, but isn’t an issue for merchant cash advance loan lenders. Fortunately, you can get timely support during hard times regardless of credit score.

This type of financing is totally different from traditional lending solutions and products, making it a perfect choice for businesses dealing with poor credit score. Get an unsecured business loan bad credit to help your business survive.

When looking for a loan with a poor credit score, you consider approval rating first. This is an important factor as it defines your chances of actually getting the financial support. 

The difference between  a merchant cash advance loan and traditional loan is that its not individual credit score that is evaluated, but the company’s performance. A lot of business loans set stringent requirements, which is not the case with unsecured business loans bad credit. 

You won’t need to wait for ages, sign complicated contracts and deal with documentation. The only requirement is that the company’ credit rating needs to be listed below 500. 72 hour application processing time and no tax returns! 

As far as repayment, the payments will automatically be held from the credit card transactions. Lender earns money when your company makes incomes. Daily percentage of your sales goes to the lender, which is very convenient. 

Last, but not least, an unsecured business loans bad credit are not reports on credit scores records. They are not reported on credit scores records. To get more information about lending solutions for businesses  with bad credit and apply, please follow the link below the post.


At Commercial Merchant Funding, we know how valuable short term business loans can be. However, we also recognize that getting you your money quickly is just as critical. 

When you need business funding, you need it today, not tomorrow. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making it easier than ever for owners to obtain quick

Borrowers can enjoy

borrow up to $500,000 quickly and easily.

If a small business loan isn’t what you want we have other options. If your business processes credit card or debit card transactions, our merchant cash advances give you the ability to borrow up to $250,000 in cash as well.

Contact CMS today to discover your business loan optionsand learn just how a fast, short term business loan can help your business grow.

CMS is a direct lender, which means there’s no middleman. We offer the flexibility to create small business loans with terms that meet your specific needs as a borrower. 

Our high approval rates mean that we can say ‘yes’ when traditional lenders say no. You’ll get a dedicated Loan Specialist who has specific knowledge about your industry and will provide you one-on-one personalized service.

There is no obligation to get started, and no need for collateral or a down payment. Click or call and receive a quick decision and funding in as little as 24 hours.1


Bad credit business loan

The best part is we can get you a loan regardless of past credit problems. No matter what your credit situation is we can get you funding as long as you have been in business 6 months and have monthly total sales of at least 10K.


Businesses borrow funds for various legit reasons. For instance, some businesses borrow to scale up. I have operated a number of businesses over time and I know how vital a loan can be. Think of a situation where all your invoices are pending payment. It will be absolutely ridiculous to compromise the operations of your business due to insufficient funds. In this case, it is sensible to borrow. However, not all applications for business loans are approved. Lenders are in business and will examines various factors before making lending decisions. They have to be certain of recovering the principal amount and interest. In many cases, business without established credit do not qualify for most loans. It can be quite discouraging for business operations to be paralyzed because of financial problems. You might be interested in learning how to secure loans even if you have bad credit. This blog examines the concept of Bad Credit Business Loans.Let us understand what bad credit is first.

The Concept of Bad Credit

Having bad credit simply means you’ve handled credit negatively. Maybe you have a tendency of defaulting loans or paying bills late. This means you are a risky borrower and many lenders will be unwilling to approve your applications. However, you can also have bad credit simply because you have never utilized credit. We have mentioned several reasons why you may have bad credit. But how exactly does bad credit work? Well, credit history is a significant aspect of your overall credit. It is influenced by such things as bankruptcies, past delinquencies, and significant debt balances. These aspects significantly dip the credit score of business, limiting the chances of securing loans in future.

A credit score refers to a three-digit figure established decades ago to help determine the likelihood of a borrower to repay loans. The score ranges from 300 to 850 points. The higher the score, the better the credit. Here is a breakdown of credit score from FICO, one of the most utilized system:





740 – 799

Very Good

670 – 739


580 – 669


Below 580



As the table shows, a score below 580 represents bad credit. So, what happens when your business has bad credit but in dire need of financing? Does having bad credit mean you cannot secure business loans? Not really! Some lenders offer Bad Credit Business Loans.

 Can You Secure A Bad Credit Business Loan?

Many lenders offer business bad credit business loans. Whether you can secure one depends on your conditions and the readiness to secure the loan with an asset. As a business owner, you have various options in this regard. For instance, you can secure the loan with the invoices pending payment. Alternatively, you can use the business equipment as loan security. However, approaching a loan specialist will increases the chances of approval.

Many businesses with financial difficulties obtain funding when they approach their banks. Nevertheless, many businesses opt for alternatives, especially small firms and business owners with a dented credit history. For this reason, many lenders offering alternative financing options have emerged. This has become advantageous to most small businesses. The lending sector is expanding day by day. To cope with competition, lenders offer Bad Credit Business Loanswithout focusing more on eligibility requirements. Governments have also come up with various grants to help ailing businesses survive. Helping business survive financial problems is advantageous to the economy.

What This Implies to Your Business

Do you have a poor credit history? Take comfort in knowing that there are various solutions. Your business may have gotten into financial problems. Maybe conventional lenders can no longer listen to you. Do not be discouraged. As a business owner, do all it takes to salvage the conditions of the business. Let us consider some of the things you can do.

Look for A Secured Bad Credit Business Loan

As stated at the outset, bad credit means that you are a high-risk borrower. From the lender’s standpoint, the loan might be defaulted. Help lenders build trust in you by applying for a secured Bad Credit Business Loan. This means that the asset used as collateral can be used to secure the outstanding loan in case the business defaults. To enhance the chances of being approved for a loan, the asset used to secure the loan should be of high value. You have the option of using the invoices that are pending payment.

Seek Audience with The Loan Officer

Approach the loan officer and talk to them about your business, highlighting the reason why you need the loan and when you intend to repay. Many lenders offer borrowers an opportunity to express themselves, apart from simply reviewing their applications. If you get the such an opportunity, seize it. Importantly, it would help if you avoid the snare of quoting more than what you need.

Shop for Interest Rate

The fact that your business is in need should not compel you to take any option you come across. Knowing that you have limited options, some lenders may want to exploit you by charging extremely high rates. Take time to compare rates from different lenders offering Bad Credit Business Loans. They do not charge equal rates. Remember, higher interest rates mean the loans are expensive.

Ensure the Business Has Regular Cash Flow

Ensure the business has consistent cash flows. Lenders examine the cash flows of the business before making decisions. The health of the business can be determined using cash flows. Even without security, consistent cash flows can help you secure Bad Credit Business Loan.

Work on Your Credit History

You are struggling looking for loans because your credit history is not good. This is problem that can be avoided in future. With good credit, you can secure a loan at a lower interest rate. Therefore, work on improving your credit to avoid Bad Credit Business Loan in future. Begin by understanding why your credit history is not good. Is it because you have never used credit? If so, start borrowing some business loans and repay in time. Let us now examine another aspect.

How To Obtain A Bad Credit Business Loan

Commercial Merchant Funding offers small business owners funding regardless of past credit problems. We fund all types of businesses including ecommerce. Most funding requests can be completed within three business days.


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